Eggshell, Eggshell or Eggshell??? How to select a product line.

Here we are. You’ve chosen a colour, you’ve selected a sheen. Now you have to decide which product line to use! We carry 4 product lines from Benjamin Moore, plus some specialty products; so 4 different “quality levels,” if you will. What is the difference besides price? Here is how to look at it:

We feel that the paint we carry is a “good, better, best,” scenario. Even our commercial grade “Superspec”performs well for certain purposes. Next up is “ben” which we like to consider an entry level product. A well priced option for those who’ve never used Benjamin Moore products and want to give it a try. “Regal” was, for many years, the best you could buy from Benjamin Moore. You may remember it by it’s former names (Regal Aquavelvet, Aquapearl, Aquaglo, or the Benjamin Moore Collection). Then Benjamin Moore created Aura. The cream of the crop, Aura is particularly amazing in deep rich colours.

So now you know the options, but why choose one over the other? As you go up in paint quality you tend to gain better coverage, mileage (the paint covers more surface) and often the paint is somewhat more viscous (thicker) so it tends to have less spatter. Essentially the paint is easier to apply to achieve the desired look.

Is an eggshell in the Regal more durable than in ben? The answer is no. An eggshell, is an eggshell. Durability is really based on sheen (see How to Choose a Sheen). 

Superspec- Our commercial paint line. Used by professional painters. Available in flat for ceilings, eggshell, pearl and semi-gloss. Great for use in rental properties.

Ben- One of our best selling lines. Available in a flat for ceilings, eggshell, pearl and semi-gloss. Excellent coverage in “whole house” neutral colours.

Regal- Formerly our topline, Regal is a heavy bodied product with excellent hide and leveling. Available in a washable matte, eggshell, pearl and semi-gloss

Aura- The best of the best. Aura has unmatched coverage for deep, bold accent colours. It has a very quick recoat time (1 hour) so it dries very quickly.

Specialty Products

Ceiling Matte- Made specifically for ceilings, this ultra matte finish is great at hiding imperfections.

Kitchen & Bath- Made to contend with the high humidity in these areas, this product is a pearl finish with great durability.

Aura Bath & Spa- Made for bathrooms, this product is a one of a kind matte finish for those who prefer a lower sheen, yet still has the durability required for this space.

Scuff-X- A revolutionary new product, it repels scuffs on walls. Available in a matte, eggshell, pearl or semi-gloss.

Advance- Made for cabinets and furniture, Advance is available in a matte, pearl or semi-gloss finish

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