Colour Trends

Every fall we await the announcement of different paint company’s colour trends for the upcoming year. What colours will be “in” next year? Will it be soft greens? Grey blues? Red? A better question to ask is what colours do you actually like?! Colours are personal. Some make us feel warm and cozy inside, others seem rather dull in comparison. The thing to remember is that YOU are the one living with your colour choice. It’s not your helpful neighbour, your best friend or your stylish daughter. You need to find your own inspiration and choose something that makes you feel good.

How do you do that? Where do you begin? People often come into the store and ask for assistance in choosing a colour for a room they are redecorating. They get easily frustrated trying to choose a wall colour. This arduous task can be made much easier if you find a starting place. It can be as simple as finding a pillow with a design you like, or bedding that you love. Maybe it is a piece of artwork, a painting, a print or a ceramic piece that brings you joy when you look at it. All of these things are great tools for choosing a colour scheme. Bring the piece into our store and we will help you pick out the colours from it. It doesn’t mean that you will end up with red walls if you’re not a “red person.” Maybe you end up with a neutral setting and a red accent wall, or even just a red throw to add some colour to the room. The key thing is to find something that inspires you and expand on it.

The other place to look for colour inspiration is in your closet. I can’t tell you how many times I have had customers come in looking for the perfect shade of green (or pink, or blue) and when we find it, I point out that it is actually the colour of their jacket (or shoes, or sweater). They look at me in total surprise, shocked that they are choosing a colour that they are wearing. But to me it makes total sense. We gravitate toward the colours we like and we wear them. Why not wear them on our walls, too?!

So don’t feel pressured into following the latest colour trends. Dare to be you, and choose the colours that make you happy to enter a room.

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