Para Ultra Interior Latex

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Ultra Suede 

Our finest quality 100% acrylic water-based paint recommended for interior surfaces that require a rich, luxurious, non reflective and matte Designer finish. Ideal for most walls in low to moderate traffic & wear areas. Paint & Primer All-in-One.

Ultra Eggshell

Top quality 100% acrylic water-based paint formulated for use on interior surfaces. A smooth eggshell finish with a soft gloss and sheen for walls and trim of most rooms of the house. Paint & Primer All-in-One.

Ultra Pearl Kitchen & Bath

PARA Ultra Pearl Kitchen & Bath Paint is a top quality interior paint formulated with excellent adhesion and flexibility of 100% acrylic latex, provide the highest level of performance. It’s smooth and even finish is easy to apply with excellent flow and leveling. This high-hiding, excellent coverage, scrubbable and washable paint has exceptional stain resistance. Formulated to resist mildew from forming on the surface which is ideal for kitchens, baths and spa-like retreat. May also be used on doors, trim and walls throughout your home.

Ultra Semi-gloss

 Top quality 100% acrylic water-based paint formulated for interior use. A semi-gloss finish for walls, doors and trim suitable for use in any room in a house.


Paint & Primer All-in-One
A water-based product, which makes tools cleaning easier.
100% acrylic for outstanding adhesion and durability.
High hiding power.
Excellent washability. Withstands surface rubbing.
Dries rapidly with a low odour.
Product that complies with the Canadian environmental standards in relation to volatile organic compounds (VOC).

This is a ready-to-use product and should not be diluted.
Thoroughly stir the product before application.
Condition the tools with water before using them.
Apply generously, leaving no bare spots or excesses of paint. Respect product spread rate. When painting, mark out a section of about 2 x 4 feet with a roller by drawing a “W”. Without lifting the roller from the surface, fill in the “W”. Smooth out the unpainted portion in the direction of the painted portion.
Respect the drying time between coats. Low temperatures or high humidity may affect the drying time. Applying two finishing coats will provide better durability and appearance.
If using, remove the masking tape after each coat to avoid lifting off paint when work is completed.
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