Saman Epoxy Casting - Large sizes - special order.


****These Sizes are Special Order with 5-10 business day turn around.

* Colour Pigments sold separately

 SamaN Epox-y Casting is a high performance, 100% solids epoxy, two component, commercial grade. Indoor use only.

It can be poured to a maximum thickness of 5" and it cures a crystal clear transparency. It is perfect for pouring river tables, ocean tables, fill in gaps, holes and cracks in lumber, epoxy art and any other deep pour applications or casting in silicone molds.  The product cures to a scratch-resistant gloss finish. 

Pigment Epox-y Casting can be pigmented with any of our pigments (sold separately) to create a coloured epoxy.  A combination of clear and coloured layer can be used to create depth in your projects.

Application: Pour the mixture onto the center of the surface to be covered and spread evenly with a spatula.  For best results, spread the mixture in one direction over the entire surface.  DO NOT continue spreading the mixture as it begins to harden, otherwise it will not self-level.  It is recommended to apply Epox-y casting in a minimum of 1/16" layers.  Allow a dry time of at least 12 hours before applying additional layers if required. 

More detailed instructions provided with the kit. 

Coverage Maximum of 6 square feet per litre.  Depends solely on depth of pour.

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