Old Masters Exterior Oil Spar- Marine Varnish


This is a superior exterior coating formulated to produce a high quality, flexible finish to withstand water and weather. It also contains ultraviolet absorbers for advanced sun protection. Available in satin, semi-gloss and gloss sheens

Description Old Masters Exterior Oil-Based Spar-Marine Varnish is a durable exterior coating for use on wood surfaces. It contains ultraviolet absorbers for advanced sun protection. Use on exterior surfaces such as fences, railings, lawn furniture, doors, boats and marine surfaces. For interior use on windowsills and door frames for added ultraviolet protection. DO NOT USE on wooden decks or steps, wood siding, log homes or wood boats below water-line. As with all exterior clear finishes, this product will not offer unlimited protection against the elements. Surfaces which receive direct sunlight may have to be recoated annually to maintain gloss and to prevent cracking and peeling. Surface Preparation All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dirt, wax, grease, glue and other contaminants or penetration and adhesion will be affected. Bare Wood Surfaces: Sand surface thoroughly with medium grit sandpaper and progress to fine grit sandpaper. Always sand in the direction of the wood grain. Remove dust with a tack rag. Previously Finished Wood: Surface should be sanded to remove imperfections and gloss, using extra fine sandpaper (220 grit), sanding with the grain. Remove dust with a tack rag. Stained Surfaces: Stain must be thoroughly dry before applying clear finish. Do not sand uncoated stained surface. Note: If a sealer is desired, we recommend Old Masters Penetrating Sealer. WARNING! If you scrape, sand or remove old paint, you may release lead dust. LEAD IS TOXIC. EXPOSURE TO LEAD DUST CAN CAUSE SERIOUS ILLNESS, SUCH AS BRAIN DAMAGE, ESPECIALLY IN CHILDREN. PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD ALSO AVOID EXPOSURE. Wear a NIOSH approved respirator to control lead exposure. Clean up carefully with a HEPA vacuum and a wet mop. Before you start, find out how to protect yourself and your family by contacting the National Lead Information Hotline at 1-800-424-LEAD or log on to www.epa.gov/lead. Application Stir thoroughly before and during application. DO NOT SHAKE. Do not apply in direct sunlight or areas of extreme air movement. 1. Apply with pure bristle or polyester brush, flat pad or spray. 2. Apply in full, even coats. Flow on with minimum brushing to achieve a glass-like finish. 3. Spar-Marine Varnish will dry to touch in 4 to 6 hours. Under ideal drying conditions, allow 8 to 16 hours before recoating. Overnight drying is recommended. 4.Sand lightly between coats with fine sandpaper (220 grit) to produce a finer finish and promote adhesion. If sandpaper gums up allow more dry time. Remove sanding dust. 5. Reapply. For exterior surfaces, a minimum of three coats should be applied. Technical Data Sheet Old Masters • PO Box 286 • Orange C

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