Graber Sheer Shades

Go from sheer and clear to private and serene in seconds. Graber Sheer Shades block out harmful UV rays while gently filtering light for an airy, luxurious look.

 Their elegant woven fabrics are never glued, always crafted with care. And our coordinating fabric-wrapped cassette provides a finished look—at no extra charge.

An inspired hybrid of fabric shades and horizontal blinds, Graber Mezzanine Layered Shades offer the ultimate flexibility in light control. Stripes of sheer fabric are parallel to tightly woven solid fabric. When opened or closed, the layers elegantly shift to provide light filtering or lightblocking. The sheer fabric protects furniture, flooring, and artwork from damaging UV rays, while the solid fabric stripes filter or block the light.


Mezzanine layered shades ensure a modern and minimal design with maximum impact.


  • From textured weaves to​ subtle metallics, we offer a wide range of layered fabrics to accent any decor style.
  •  Mezzanine layered shades; no visible seams disrupt the fabric's pattern or the panorama beyond the window​.
  • With our thoughtful finishing touches—such as a fabric-wrapped cassette valance standard on every shade
  • Three opacity levels to meet all needs.
  • ​A limited lifetime w​arranty for years of worry-free performance.

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