Products & Services

Colour Matching

Custom colour matching is one of our areas of expertise.  Bring us anything larger than a toonie,  give us a bit of time, and we will duplicate it (competitor’s paint chips are always welcome). Both an art and a science, colour matching is something we love to do.
Once we create a formula we will keep a record of it both in our computer system under your name and phone number and also a physical record of it for visual purposes later.  We still have records of colour matches that we made in 1994 when we opened!

Colour advice is something with which we can also assist you.  Bring in your new duvet, your tiles or your curtains.  We will help you choose colours that will compliment everything in your space.  You can test out those suggestions with our colour sample program to help with the final decision. 

Window Treatments

With reputable manufacturers such as Graber and Maxxmar, Sol-R, Altex and Regal Shutters, Kingston Paint offers no charge shop at home window treatments.  With a full array of options you can select from roller shades, roman shades, pleated and cellular shades, horizontals, verticals and other specialty shades.  Both vinyl and wood shutters are also available as well as custom drapery made locally by our seamstress.

Come in and visit our showroom area, or browse online select a style that you like then book an in-home appointment with our window treatments specialist or email Keri at for more information about the process.

Colour Samples

One of our most popular programs, we have been providing colour test samples for twenty years! We offer 4oz. liquid paint samples in any colour we carry from both Para Paints and Benjamin Moore Paints.  This is hands down the best way to make a colour decision.  For $3.99 you can paint a large sample (jar will paint a piece of Bristol board, also available at Kingston Paint) and really get a good idea of how the colour will look in your space with your lighting. 

Customizable Products

In addition to our ability to create custom colour matches we also have some customizable products.  Did you know that we can make caulking in any latex paint colour?!  We just need a bit of your paint and you can have a perfect match for along your baseboards and trim or your countertops.

We can also fill custom spray paints.  These sprays can be made with latex/water-based paints, or solvent/alkyd/lacquers.  Once again we just need some of the paint that you would like to use and a bit of time to fill the spray cans.

Commercial Products

As a full service Benjamin Moore dealer we have access to a variety of commercial and industrial coatings. Our offering includes Lenmar lacquers, Corotech Industrial Coatings, and Benjamin Moore’s Superspec HP coatings.

Tools of the Trade

Whether you are a professional painter or a weekend paint warrior, Kingston Paint has all of the tools and products to make your project easier and more successful.  Did you know that we sell step-ladders, painter’s clothing, and paint rags?  Of course we sell paint brushes and rollers but did you know that many of them are made here in Canada?  We also sell an array of patching compounds, tape, sandpaper and cleaning supplies.  Anything you need for your project from start to finish you will find here.

Our Suppliers

Benjamin Moore & Co. 
Industry renowned leader in paint coatings. Kingston Paint has been a full-line dealer since 1994.

Para Paints
Competitively priced and good quality make Para a favourite choice for home owners



Corona Brushes
Hand-made brushes of the finest quality

Painters clothing including new “women’s cut” painters pants

Bennett Tools
Quality painting tools including our line of Made in Canada Kingston Paint brushes
Formerly SIKKENS, you will find the same great products and colours you've used for years with a new label.

SIA Abrasives
Quality sanding products including sanding rolls, sheets and blocks

Many specialty products including Glow in the Dark Paint, Glitter and white board finishes and the entire line of your favourite Zinsser products

Our best selling tape line including green, blue and multi-packs

Quality caulking, patching compounds and fillers

A great selection of paint brushes, rollers and painting supplies

Frog Tape
The highest quality masking tape with no bleed through gives you sharp lines every time

Mold Control
Just what the name says, it cleans and resists new mold growth

Richard Tools
Made in Canada, Richard manufactures high quality painting tools (they were even on an episode of How It’s Made!)

Old Masters
The best line of interior stains and finishes you can buy.  We carry several of their products including penetrating, gel and water based stains, and clear finishes.

Graber / Springs Window Fashions

Maxxmar Windowcoverings

George N Jackson

Our best selling exterior solid stain with a dual resin formula that performs like nothing else

Cottage Paint
A great quality mineral/chalk paint for your decorative projects